Traditional Shepherd’s goods – Sponsorship

We would like to recommend you Polish food and in the same time our new sponsor. This is pure taste of our national tradition, perfected over years. If you’re looking for something really authentic in Cracow, sooner or later you will hit upon this :


more hear

Sausages, from oven mushrooms , dairy products, sweets , Cold meats in jars
Eating is a pleasure, if you know what to eat .


6 thoughts on “Traditional Shepherd’s goods – Sponsorship

  1. Wao, looks really tasty.
    To know the culture you have to taste the traditional food :) I think Bacówka’s food is the best start for this process 😀 I highly recommend!
    Cheers guys!

    1. I bet Crocov is the place where the best kind of mulit is being extracted, he, he. But you know, girls, I wonder what for I exert myself in English convesation… OK, just practicing. Cheers!

      1. I mean, it`s quite amazing, but is there anybody else in here? Somebody to justyfy our choice of language and to reach any conversation? I wonder.

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