“The male your enemy!”*

The first Polish movie we want to watch with You during a series of meetings is:

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It’s 1991, two volunteers, Max and Albert, are hibernated. Because of the nuclear war they wake up in 2044 in a world where men’s genes are destroyed and they are the only men alive. Surrounded only by women they have to survive and convince them that humanity needs men.

The entry for the movie is free.
The subtitles will be in English.
Date: 3 rd March
We start at: 19:00
ul. Reymonta 23
D-8 building at AGH University
Lecture room No.18

Join the event on Facebook and find more information
Hope to see you on Thursday, it’s wonderful ocassion to make friends at University
from all over the world, acorrding to CLOSER project aim! What more? There will
be something to drink and popcorn to snack.

All interested, please register and confirm your arrival. Among these people we will draw a prize – ilustrated Wawel Castle’s albums in diffrent languages.

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* Don’t worry it’s only catchy quotation, we are not feminists and it’s not any propagation :)

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