Let’s cook together

According to last film meeting, we want to invite you for something different, what will be one in it’s kind…

We want to cook together and learn you how to prepare Polish dumplings.
What dumplings are?


This is a easy and quick dish which you can find in almost every milk bar around old town in Krakow. It can have different fills inside, but the base – cake around, is always the same. Dumpling has half moon shape and nice wavy close on cake’s edge. Size of each? On average four dumplings should fit on your palm.
Traditionally we call them “Pierogi ruskie”, but who knows why? Actually they have not much to do with Russia. For those of you who are vegetarinas – dumplings are free of meat.

If you also want to show us how your national dishes taste like, take a group of your friends and before prepareing something for diner complete this:


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One thought on “Let’s cook together

  1. More dumplings I say! And perhaps some pictures. I`ve always thought young people eat fast food everyday. Should never supposed you cook so well! Congratulations!

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