Polish Movie Meeting vol. 3

Welcome after a short break!
This time we would like to invite you to the world of Polish music in 90′.
The film is a story loosely based on the history of one of the best polish rap group ever.
Like hip hop or not – definitely worth seeing :)

31st March, 7.15 p.m., room 18, D-8 AGH

(movie starts at 7.55 p.pm but come earlier please [7.15] as we prepared something)

Event on fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/1146555735364104/


One thought on “Polish Movie Meeting vol. 3

  1. Hip-hop has never been my lifestyle, my music, but I often admire the rap poetry, its special linguistic resources aimed at quite a new expression of the reality. It use to be oppressive but includes a lot of dignity: whoever you are, don`t shut your eyes, don`t turn your head, be yourself and deal with the world. I`m not sure if there are any researches focussed on this issue in Poland. Hope so. A short quotation. Paktofonika, “Ja to ja”, Rahid, Fokus, Magik.
    O nie! Nie zależy mi na tym by być kanonizowanym
    Ja to ja, więc jako ja chcę być znany
    Prawdziwym jak prawdziwek, nie jak sweter z anilany
    Jedną zasadą wciąż motywowany
    Bądź własną osobą
    Bądź co bądź sobą
    Niech twa osoba będzie Ci ozdobą
    Nie jednorazowo, lecz całodobowo […]

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