Closer, student conference at UST

This time, as ever of course, we have pleasure to invite you for something extraordinary. But this time  it’s something that is an integral part of university’s life for many years, and bacame a beautiful tradition.


Details: 5th of May, 9.00 am – 13.45 in the building D-8 (ul. Reymonta 23), p. H-67.


Eight students will present their point of view about linguistic, social and cultural.
Our special guest Krishna Kumari Raut (Berhampur University) will present “Multiculturalism in India”, you will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the SC Blabel and our current integration project CLOSER, as well as offer teaching Foreign Languages.

We especially recommend to the students of first year!


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Happy Easter

All BlaBel people would like to wish you happy Easter !

Let’s spent it with your family or friends in warm atmosphere full of shared things. Stay close to each other and use this free time for reflection.


If you are staying at AGH, we invite you to join those of us who are also here for Easter. Monday 28th from 10:00 to 18:00 is traditional fair on Emaus street near beautiful Norbertine monastery and we are going there finishing the walk on Kościuszko Mound where you can see all Kraków city. Please let us know here under this post if you would like to spent some time there and then together with us.
Conditions: it won’t be snowing / at least 2 Polish and 2 friends from abroad will take part / you have to be registered on our closer site / We are waiting for your information till: 12 o’clock on 26th of March.

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We recomend you Emily Meadows’s article about 13 interesting facts about Easter and Springtime in Poland. Emily is a part of project which inspired us to prepare cook meeting

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Let’s cook together

According to last film meeting, we want to invite you for something different, what will be one in it’s kind…

We want to cook together and learn you how to prepare Polish dumplings.
What dumplings are?


This is a easy and quick dish which you can find in almost every milk bar around old town in Krakow. It can have different fills inside, but the base – cake around, is always the same. Dumpling has half moon shape and nice wavy close on cake’s edge. Size of each? On average four dumplings should fit on your palm.
Traditionally we call them “Pierogi ruskie”, but who knows why? Actually they have not much to do with Russia. For those of you who are vegetarinas – dumplings are free of meat.

If you also want to show us how your national dishes taste like, take a group of your friends and before prepareing something for diner complete this:


Join us on facebook for more information.

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“The male your enemy!”*

The first Polish movie we want to watch with You during a series of meetings is:

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It’s 1991, two volunteers, Max and Albert, are hibernated. Because of the nuclear war they wake up in 2044 in a world where men’s genes are destroyed and they are the only men alive. Surrounded only by women they have to survive and convince them that humanity needs men.

The entry for the movie is free.
The subtitles will be in English.
Date: 3 rd March
We start at: 19:00
ul. Reymonta 23
D-8 building at AGH University
Lecture room No.18

Join the event on Facebook and find more information
Hope to see you on Thursday, it’s wonderful ocassion to make friends at University
from all over the world, acorrding to CLOSER project aim! What more? There will
be something to drink and popcorn to snack.

All interested, please register and confirm your arrival. Among these people we will draw a prize – ilustrated Wawel Castle’s albums in diffrent languages.

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* Don’t worry it’s only catchy quotation, we are not feminists and it’s not any propagation :)

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Traditional Shepherd’s goods – Sponsorship

We would like to recommend you Polish food and in the same time our new sponsor. This is pure taste of our national tradition, perfected over years. If you’re looking for something really authentic in Cracow, sooner or later you will hit upon this :


more hear

Sausages, from oven mushrooms , dairy products, sweets , Cold meats in jars
Eating is a pleasure, if you know what to eat .


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First small Christmas Eve

Dear Friends,
SJO and KN Blabel have a great pleasure in inviting all Foreign Students of our University to join the first meeting of the CLOSER project. The meeting, devoted to Christmas and New Year`s traditions in Poland and other countries, will be held on December, 15th from 13 to 17 in room 322 D-13 (ul. Gramatyka 8A). Let`s decorate our international Christmas tree, sing some carols, taste some delicious barszcz and celebrate all together! Let`s get closer!

Drodzy Przyjaciele,
SJO I KN Blabel mają przyjemność zaprosić wszystkich Studentów Zagranicznych naszej Uczelni na pierwsze spotkanie w ramach projektu CLOSER. Spotkanie, poświęcone tradycjom związanym z obchodami Bożego Narodzenia i Nowego Roku w Polsce i w innych krajach, odbędzie się 15 grudnia w godzinach 13-17 w Sali 322 D-13 (ul. Gramatyka 8A). Ubierzmy wspólnie międzynarodową choinkę, zaśpiewajmy kilka kolęd, spróbujmy świetnego barszczu i złóżmy sobie życzenia! Zbliżmy się do siebie!

Queridos Amigos,
SJO y KN Blabel tienen el placer de invitar a todos los Estudiantes Extranjeros de nuestra Universidad a tomar parte en el primer encuentro dentro del Proyecto CLOSER. El encuentro, dedicado a las tradiciones propias de Navidad y Año Nuevo en Polonia y otros países, se celebrará el 15 de diciembre de 13 a 17 h en el aula 322, D-13 (ul. Gramatyka 8A). Adornemos entre todos el árbol de Navidad internacional, cantemos unos villancicos, probemos el barszcz navideño e intercambiemos las felicitaciones. ¡Acerquémonos!

Центр иностранных языков и Научный кружок „BLABEL” имеют честь пригласить всех иностранных студентов на первую встречу в рамках проекта CLOSER.
Мероприятие будет посвящено рождественским и новогодним традициям в Польше и в других странах.
Будем рады видеть Вас.
Место и время встречи: 15.ХII ч. 13.00 – 17.00 зал 322 D-13

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